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Jena 2035+ cycling plan

Jena 2035+ cycling plan adopted

On 21.03.2024, the city council adopted the Jena 2035+ Cycling Plan with amendments.

The Jena 2025+ Cycling Plan, i.e. the draft resolution and the document status with all proposed amendments, can be accessed on the City of Jena website via the city council meeting system .

All proposed measures, the measure data sheets, the principle sketches and the sample solutions are available online in the WebGIS for the cycling plan. The WebGIS is the best way to get an overview of the planned measures.

The development of the "Jena 2035+ Cycling Plan" began on 01.02.2022 and is completed with the resolution on 21.03.2024. The commissioned office was the planning company RV-K mbH from Frankfurt am Main with a branch in Jena.

The cycling plan was developed with the direct involvement of the Jena Cycling Advisory Board and the Jena Cycling Decision Initiative. The advisory board for people with disabilities was also directly involved. Other important stakeholders and other advisory boards were involved regularly and on an ad hoc basis.


Committee run for decision-making from 18.01.2024

The draft of the Jena 2035+ cycling plan is available and will be presented to the municipal committees from 18.01.2024. This has been preceded since August 2023 (see presentation in the download area) by further involvement of the relevant advisory boards.

Two readings are currently planned in the Committee for Urban Development and the Environment on 18.01. and 01.02.2024. Discussion in the City Council is scheduled for 28.02.2024.

The draft resolution 23/2323-BV "Radverkehrsplan Jena 2035+ the final report and all associated documents will be available on the website of the City of Jena via the city council meeting system from 10.01.2024.

All proposed measures, the measure data sheets, the principle sketches and the sample solutions are mapped and available online in the WebGIS for the cycling plan.

Workshop on 10.01.2023

An additional workshop on the problems of the Camburger Straße and Kahlaische Straße routes took place on 10.01.2023. The presentation and results of this workshop are available in the download area. The results have been incorporated into further processing

Second online participation successfully completed on 30.09.2022

Within a month, around 1,200 comments were submitted as part of the second online participation on the Jena 2035+ cycling plan. This information will now be used to revise the recommended measures and prioritize them.

After the first online participation in the Jena 2035+ cycling plan in March 2022 was a complete success, the second participation was also extremely well received. In this second participation, the network and the recommended measures developed so far were presented and could be commented on and evaluated. A total of 1,200 comments and more than 8,000 "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" ratings were received.

Mayor Christian Gerlitz is delighted with the above-average participation of Jena's citizens once again:

'The committed and, for the individual, definitely time-consuming participation shows me that there is a great deal of interest in good solutions for cycling in Jena. This gives us in the city administration a tailwind for further processing and for the subsequent implementation phase.

The platform with all comments and evaluations can still be viewed online.

At the same time, consultations were held with the district councils as part of participation forums. Here, the representatives of the districts were able to talk directly with the planning office and those responsible in the city of Jena.

The feedback will now be used to specify, adapt and prioritize the recommended measures.

Information on the rough planning of measures

  • Necessary coordination processes
    • in the Jena 2035+ cycling plan working group
    • with the city administration departments involved
    • in a 2nd online participation in September 2022
    • with the neighboring districts and municipalities
    • with public interest groups
    • with the local district councils and citizens in 4 public events for spatially defined sub-areas of the city (as a supplement to the online participation, dates invited)

First online participation successfully completed in March 2022

In total, almost 900 citizens took advantage of the opportunity and submitted around 2,400 entries. This significantly exceeded the expectations of the city administration and planners. All submitted reports were published anonymously and can be viewed here can be viewed here.

Results of the 1st online participation

Mayor Christian Gerlitz is delighted with the large number of entries:

The high level of participation shows once again the great commitment of the citizens in the city of Jena. We can now provide the planners with a lot of information so that the extensive local knowledge can be incorporated into the planning. The planning is therefore very close to the needs of the people in the city of Jena.

In the next step, the commissioned planning office will check the reports of the participation during an on-site inspection. A cycling network will then be created for the city of Jena. In addition to the reports from the online participation, sources and destinations of cycle traffic, such as schools, will also be taken into account. The network should ensure that all residential areas are connected and also takes rural districts into account. The network is being developed in close consultation with a specially formed working group, which includes the City of Jena's cycling officer as well as representatives of the Radentscheid and the Cycling Advisory Board.

The measures for this cycling network will be planned from summer 2022. During this phase, there will be further opportunities for interested citizens to participate. Completion of the cycling plan is planned for summer 2023.