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In order to offer residents as well as customers and visitors a sufficient supply of parking spaces, the entire inner-city parking area is managed across the board. In addition to residents' parking spaces, only metered parking spaces are available here. The parking spaces at Eichplatz and Rathausgasse are also limited in their use to a maximum of 2 hours. In addition to the parking spaces on public streets, a large number of parking spaces are available in the parking garages and underground garages.

Resident parking is a form of parking space management to provide residents with better parking options in areas with considerable general parking pressure. The legal basis is the Road Traffic Regulations § 45 (1b) and the associated General Administrative Regulation.

It only makes sense to arrange resident parking where the simultaneous demand from various uses (e.g., retail, commercial, large service, sports, or recreational facilities) exceeds the available parking supply.

Areas with only resident demand and too few parking spaces are not suitable for resident parking. Here, all residents willing to park would be entitled to a resident parking permit but would have virtually no advantage.

Bewohnerparken im Damenviertel in Jena
Bewohnerparken im Damenviertel in Jena, © Stadt Jena

The resident parking permit, which must be applied for at the Citizen Services team, entitles the holder to park within the respective parking zone. However, it does not guarantee a free parking space.

It is possible to signpost residents-only parking spaces (segregated system) or to allow the free use of metered parking spaces (mixed system).

A resident parking permit can be applied for by:

  • who has his main residence in the corresponding resident parking zone and
  • can prove that they do not have a private parking space and
  • is registered as the owner of a motor vehicle or can prove that he/she has a vehicle for permanent use.

The parking permit is subject to a fee and is valid for one year at a time.

Jena does not have a public P&R system (parking ticket = local transport ticket). Nevertheless, conveniently located parking lots on the periphery or the parking lots with inexpensive day tickets (Seidelparkplatz, Wiesenstraße, Am Gries) can be used accordingly. For the use of bus and train tickets can be purchased at ticket machines or in the vehicles.

The Seidelparkplatz and Am Gries parking lots are also within walking distance of the city center.

At the parking lots Seidelparkplatz, Wiesenstraße as well as Am Gries it is possible to purchase a day ticket. The parking fee is max. 3,00 €/day according to the parking fee regulations. At the Gries as well as at other locations in the city area, it is still possible to rent a long-term parking space:

There are parking spaces for hikers at Otto-Schott-Platz, Lobdeburgweg, Am Steinkreuz (Ziegenhain) with 100 spaces and at Windberg not far from Fuchsturm (Jena-Ost) with 75 spaces. The occupancy of the parking lots Am Steinkreuz and Windberg is available under "Parking lots and parking garages".

Only holders of a blue EU parking permit / alternatively an orange parking permit (only valid in Germany) may park in disabled parking spaces. The disabled parking permit is not sufficient for this purpose. The blue or orange parking permit is issued upon application by the Citizen Service upon proof of the requirements.

Anyone who parks illegally in a disabled parking space must expect a fine or even the towing of their vehicle.

Electric vehicles may park free of charge in parking spaces marked accordingly, even without a charging process taking place at the same time. This applies to the parking spaces in Schlossgasse, Ernst-Haeckel-Strasse, Am Anger, Eichplatz and Rathausgasse. The prerequisite is that the vehicle is marked with an "E" on the license plate. The respective maximum parking time in the parking spaces also applies to electric cars, so the respective arrival time must be indicated by means of a parking disc.

There are several parking lots designated for two-wheelers in the city, e.g.

  • Talstraße between Melanchthonstraße and Wittenbergstraße

  • Carl-Zeiss-Platz

  • Paradiesstraße

  • Saalbahnhofstraße

  • Hinter der Kirche corner Weigelstraße

The exact parking regulations for motor homes are defined in the StVO § 12 paragraph 3b and depend, among other things, on the permissible total weight of the vehicle. Parking spaces with additional sign 1010-67 are reserved exclusively for motorhomes.

A camper site is located in Winzerla / Schrödingerstraße next to house number 94 (own complete parking row).

Three parking spaces each are available for coaches on Bibliotheksweg and Wiesenstraße. There is no supplementary infrastructure at these locations (WC, washroom, etc.).

There are no publicly designated truck parking spaces available in the city of Jena.

Free parking spaces / Parking overview

In the following overview you will find all parking spaces. For some parking spaces, you can view the currently available spaces. This service will gradually be extended to other parking lots and parking garages as part of the new parking guidance system.

Parkplatz / Parkhaus Freie Parkplätze Parkplätze insgesamt Letzte Aktualisierung
Goethe Galerie 475 740 vor 14 minutes 10 seconds
Eichplatz 229 290 vor 19 minutes 11 seconds
Neue Mitte 176 172 vor 17 minutes 10 seconds
Krautgasse 170 381 vor 9 minutes 11 seconds
Seidelparkplatz 144 161 vor 5 minutes 11 seconds
Holzmarkt 136 250 vor 6 hours 1 minute
Windberg 66 75 vor 9 hours
Steinkreuz 57 100 vor 1 hour 6 minutes
Haeckelplatz 6 32 vor 24 minutes 13 seconds
City Carree 0 40 vor 10 hours 14 minutes
Am Stadion - 358 nie
August-Bebel-Straße - 36 nie
Roland Ducke Weg - 99 nie
Wöllnitzer Straße - 32 nie
Schlossgasse - 68 nie
Seidelstraße - 32 nie
Bachstraße - 33 nie
Eisenbahndamm - 43 nie
Gartenstraße - 36 nie
Wiesenstraße - 32 nie
Am Anger - 53 nie
Am Gries - 100 nie
Ziegelmühlenweg - 42 nie
Busbahnhof - 27 nie
Sophienstraße - 48 nie