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Resident parking

Residents' parking is a traffic organisation measure that is intended for

[...] residents of urban neighbourhoods with a considerable shortage of parking space

parking facilities in the vicinity of their homes. In the residents' parking zones there is a mixture of residents-only parking spaces, metered parking spaces / residents free and customer/visitor-only parking spaces.

Currently there are 5 resident parking zones in the city of Jena. There are residents' parking spaces in the zones. These are marked with an additional sign (sign 1044-30 or 1020-32 Road Traffic Regulations [StVO]).

Beispiel für die Beschilderung Bewohnerparken im Jenaer Damenviertel
Beispiel für die Beschilderung: Bewohnerparken im Jenaer Damenviertel, © Stadt Jena

The resident parking permit entitles the holder to park in the specially designated areas. It is issued to eligible residents upon request, is only valid for a specific vehicle and is issued for a period of one year.

Each resident is entitled to only one resident parking permit. The permit only entitles the holder to park in the designated resident parking zone.

Bild vom grünen Bewohnerparkausweis
Beispiel für einen Bewohnerparkausweis in Jena Zone III, © Stadt Jena
  • During parking, the parking permit must be clearly displayed on the inside of the windscreen of the vehicle for which the resident parking permit is issued.
  • The parking permit holder is obliged to immediately notify the issuing authority of the loss as well as change of the registration number or address or other circumstances relevant for the issuance of the permit.
  • Tampering with resident parking permits is considered forgery and may be punished.
  • When using the resident parking permit, care must be taken to ensure that other traffic is not impeded. This applies in particular to emergency, rescue and similar vehicles.
  • The parking permit does not affect the other obligations under the Road Traffic Act.
  • Please observe the street cleaning times and do not park your vehicle in the relevant streets at these times.