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Advisory Council Cycling

Advisory Council on Cycling in the Information System of the City Council

Information on the members of the Advisory Council, as well as dates and meeting documents can be found in the City Council Information System (Session).

Next / Current meeting

  • Tuesday, 13.09.2022 at 17:00 hrs.
  • Place: Plenary hall of the city hall, market 1


  1. Agenda
  2. Protocol control
  3. Basic extension of Isserstedter Straße with sidewalk extension between Zum Ziskauer Tal and access road to new residential area, Lützeroda Submission: 22/1614-BV
  4. Detour situation of bicycle traffic Wöllnitzer Straße with crossing Stadtrodaer Straße
  5. Draft resolution Climate Protection Advisory Council Urban Space Campaign in Jena 22/1564-BV
  6. Clarification working method non-public SUA (see small inquiry B90/Grüne in the city council on 13.07.2022)
  7. Northern extension Wiesenstraße: guidance of the existing path parallel to the railroad at the eastern bridge abutment
  8. Report accident research on the release of EInbahn roads
  9. Cycling plan Jena 2035+, current status
  10. Miscellaneous (marking Rautal / Am Heiligenberg, surface Erbertstraße/E.-Haeckel-Str.)

Upcoming meetings

  • Tuesday, 11.10.2022, 17:00, plenary hall
  • Tuesday, 08.11.2022, 17:00, plenary hall
  • Tuesday, 13.12.2022, 17:00, Plenary Hall

We want to encourage Jena's citizens, especially students, to be mobile by bicycle. We are pleased that bicycle traffic has increased significantly in recent years, so that in Jena the share of bicycle traffic in total traffic is now about 15%. At the same time, we are aware of the inadequacies of Jena's bicycle transportation network. A part of the pleasantly growing bicycle traffic in Jena is currently not legal, not safe, not attractive.

  • Pedestrians are unsettled by irregular cycling or by their own ignorance of which sidewalks are also open to cyclists (sidewalks with additional signs for cyclists, pedestrian zones, shared sidewalks/cycle paths).
  • Conflicts with motor vehicles and streetcar tracks often endanger the cyclist.
  • High curbs make it uncomfortable for cyclists to move forward (curb drops).

Unfortunately, we also see aggressive and irresponsible behavior (e.g., insufficient lighting, inconsideration of pedestrians) on the part of some cyclists.

Advisory Council Cycling
Lutz Jacob, Chairman
Thomas Hennig, deputy chairman

c/o Municipality

Mobility Department
Traffic Planning Team

Ulrike Zimmermann, Cycling Officer
At the Anger 26
07743 Jena


The Advisory Council for Cycling advises the City Council on the interests of cycling in Jena. It does not make binding decisions, but gives recommendations for municipal actions and decisions. Thus, it is an important building block for the promotion of cycling in Jena.

Representatives of the city council factions and the responsible offices of the city administration as well as representatives of associations and knowledgeable citizens meet regularly (monthly) and publicly to discuss how to improve the conditions for bicycle traffic in Jena.

In addition to political will, legal possibilities and financial planning, long-term preliminary planning is also important for improving cycling conditions: In 2012, the cycling concept was revised with the active participation of the bicycle traffic working group (AG) and adopted by the city council in January 2013.

Erlanger Allee, Radfahrstreifen

The topics covered by the advisory board are wide-ranging, from the maintenance of cycling facilities and winter services to the improvement of individual problem areas, e.g. by lowering curbs and road markings, to participation in the planning of construction measures that affect cycling.