Construction sites

Here you can find the current road works and traffic obstacles. The list is updated continuously. Unless otherwise indicated, bicyclists and pedestrians pass the construction sites.

Status: 02.09.2022

To the Ziskauer valley (Lützeroda)

  • Type: Full closure
  • Duration:05.09.2022 to 21.12.2022
  • Reason:Civil engineering works (sewage; drinking water)

Library Square

  • Type:One-way street regulation in the direction of Damenviertel
  • Duration: 02.09.2022 until 16.09.2022
  • Reason:Laying of fiber optic cable for THULB.


  • Type: Half sided closure
  • Duration:09/08/2022 to 10/07/2022.
  • Reason:Relocation of medium voltage cables for the new library
  • Details:Traffic will be routed in a one-way system in the direction of Schillerstraße.


  • Type: Half-sided closure
  • Location:Height Kochstraße
  • Duration:09/05/2022 to 09/16/2022.
  • Reason:Connection of the sewage pipe from Kochstraße to Westbahnhofstraße.
  • Details:Traffic can travel alternately by means of construction site traffic lights.

Naumburger Straße in the area of Schützenhofstr. / Altenburger Str.

  • Type: Half-sided closure
  • Location:Intersection Naumburger Straße / Schützenhofstraße / Altenburger Straße
  • Duration:07.09.2022 to 17.10.2022
  • Reason: Installation of the district heating pipeline for Jena North
  • Details:Traffic will be diverted via Scharnhorststr. / Camburger Str.

Stops Löbdergraben (Uni main building)

  • Type: Full closure
  • Duration:09/06/2022 and 09/07/2022 / 20:00 hrs to 04:00 hrs.
  • Reason:Cutting work

Stop Saalbahnhofstr. (Spittelplatz)

  • Type: Full closure
  • Duration:09/08/2022 and 09/09/2022 / 20:00 hrs to 04:00 hrs.
  • Reason:Cutting work

Wood market

  • Full closure lifted


  • Street open again

Paradiesstraße corner Löbdergraben

  • Full closure lifted


  • Full closure between Fürstengraben and Jenergasse lifted


  • Full closure between house number 30 to height of car dealership Schinner lifted


  • Type: Half sided closure
  • Place: House number 34
  • Duration: until 12.10.2022
  • Reason: Construction site installation for the reconstruction of the adjacent school
  • Details: For the encounter traffic with vehicles in the roadway area a waiting obligation is arranged.


  • Type: Full closure
  • Duration: until 14.10.2022
  • Reason: Pavement rehabilitation
  • Details: The construction work will be divided into several construction phases so that access for residents/rescue and utility services is guaranteed. A detour will be signposted on site. The area can be passed on foot.

Eichplatz (parking lot)

  • Type: Partial closure
  • Duration: until 04.12.2022
  • Reason: Archaeological investigations in the run-up to the construction of construction site A.
  • Details: In order to be able to carry out the work professionally, restrictions on the parking lot are unavoidable for a period of approx. five months.unavoidable for a period of approximately five months. However, high priority will be given to ensuring that as many parking spaces and pathways as possible arethat as many parking spaces and pathways as possible are preserved during the work. For this reason, the excavations will be carried out inthree successive phases, as shown in the plan attached below.

    We would also like to point out that the usual main access road to the Eichplatz via Kollegiengassewill not be available during this period. However, as an alternative to entering the parking lot, the directly adjacentthe directly adjacent temporary access road can be used. In addition, one of the two ramps leading from the parking lot to the "Neue Mitte" parking lot will no longer be available. However, the second one is still available without restrictions.

    The Construction site installation, including the erection of construction fencing, will begin on Friday, the 01.07.2022. The legally binding no parking signs for the affectedareas will take place from the 27.06.2022.The excavation work will generally be carried out Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.carried out.

    We will provide up-to-date information on the construction work and any associated restrictions or changes in timeon the Eichplatzareal website.


  • Type: Full closure
  • Location: House number 9 to 11
  • Duration: until 30.06.2023
  • Reason: New construction of a residential building
  • Detail: On foot and by bike the area can be passed.

Forest road

  • Type: Half sided closure
  • Location: Height of house number 35a
  • Duration: until 31.12.2022
  • Reason: New construction of a residential building

Friedrich-Körner-Strasse / Ernst-Pfeiffer-Strasse

  • Type: Full closure
  • Duration: until 17.09.2022
  • Reason: Civil engineering works
  • Details: During the construction period (1st construction phase) there will be a full closure of Friedrich-Körner-Straße. In the further course, Ernst-Pfeiffer-Strasse will also be fully closed. A detour will be signposted. The area can be passed on foot.


  • Type: Closure of residents' parking lot
  • Start: 25.04.2022
  • Reason: Construction site installation
  • Details: Alternative residents' parking spaces have been set up in Wiesenstraße from the access road Am Saaleufer. These can be used with immediate effect.


  • Type: Full closure
  • Duration: until 31.12.2022
  • Reason: Road expansion incl. pipe laying
  • Details: Pedestrians can safely pass the construction site. There will be 3 construction phases. Construction phases 2 + 3 will not take place until 2023. On foot, the area can be passed.


  • Type: Full closure
  • Location: House number 4 to junction with Forstweg
  • Duration: until 28.10.2022
  • Reason: Civil engineering works
  • Details: Access/exit to the daycare center and day clinic is possible from Westbahnhofstraße. The half-way closure of Westbahnhofstraße will be temporarily ended. This means that road users can once again travel on Westbahnhofstraße without restrictions.

Lobeda-Altstadt / Neulobeda/ Drackendorf

  • Type: temporary restrictions
  • Duration: until 30.09.2022
  • Reason: civil engineering work for laying fiber optic cables


  • Type: Half-sided closure
  • Location: junction with Paradiesstraße to height of Ludwig-Weimar-Gasse
  • Duration: until 16.09.2022
  • Reason: Relocation of media (backbone network)
  • Details: Commercial delivery traffic as well as regular traffic can run along the construction site. Other traffic will be diverted via the adjacent road network.

Eastern Löbdergraben

  • Type: Semi-lateral closure
  • Location: Height Saalstraße
  • Duration: 29.08. until 31.10.2022
  • Reason: Installation of a construction site exit
  • Details: The area can be passed on foot.

Naumburger Street

  • Type: Half-sided closure with one-way street regulation
  • Location: Height of Brückenstraße junction
  • Duration: 31.08. until 06.09.2022
  • Reason: Work on the balcony
  • Details: The traffic in the direction of the city can drive. The out-of-town traffic will be diverted.
    In the further course, from 07.09.2022 to 10.09.2022, traffic will be diverted past the half-way closure on both sides. Congestion is to be expected for out-of-town traffic, as it will be required to wait. The area can be passed on foot.


  • Type: Full closure
  • Location: From the entrance to the Ernst-Abbe-Sportfeld hall to just before the Lichtenhainer Brücke bridge.
  • Duration: until 31.03.2023
  • Reason: Work on the stadium grandstand
  • Details: The Lichtenhainer Brücke is not affected by the closure. A detour for pedestrians and cyclists is signposted.


  • Type: Full closure
  • Location: South access road to height of main access road Stadtrodaer Straße
  • Duration:22.08. - 31.12.2022
  • Expansion of the access road
    Expansion and widening of the main cycle path connection
  • Detour: A designated detour route will be set up for cyclists both inbound and outbound. The bicycle routes run along Wöllnitzer Strasse and Burgauer Weg.
  • Details: The work will take place from 22.08.2022 behind the Stadion Südzufahrt. From 29.08.2022, there will then be restrictions for bathers accessing Südbad/Schleichersee and Strandbar, as well as for adjacent sports facility users. The properties will be accessible from the main stadium access road via a temporary walkway. This sidewalk can only be used on foot - bicyclists must dismount.
    Guests of the Schleichersee and the adjacent sports facilities as well as the traffic school with cars can use the parking lot in the Oberaue directly next to the main access road. Only when there are home games of FC Carl Zeiss Jena, this is not possible. A planning board will be set up at the main entrance to Oberaue so that traffic participants are informed.


  • Type: Full closure
  • Location: Corner of Drackendorfer Straße
  • Location: Fiber optic work
  • Duration: until 12.08.2022
  • Details: A detour will be signposted on site.


  • Type: Full closure
  • Location: House number 4
  • Duration: until 30.06.2023
  • Reason: Construction of a residential building
  • Details: By means of planning boards, the full closure is indicated from both Jägerbergstraße and Max-Gräfe-Gasse. The restricted area must be widely bypassed. The construction site can be passed safely on foot and by bicycle.


  • Type: Half-sided closure
  • Duration: 15.08. to 16.09.2022
  • Reason: Installation of telecommunications lines
  • Details: A one-way street will be set up for this purpose. Since the construction work will also shift to the entire sidewalk, a traffic-calmed area will be temporarily installed so that pedestrians and other traffic participants must move along it. Access to the adjacent apartment blocks will be made possible.

Unterdorfstraße and Wöllnitzer Oberweg

  • Type: Change of one-way street routing due to full road closure
  • Location: Unterdorfstraße 2
  • Duration: until 31.12.2022
  • Reason: Construction work
  • Details: The one-way routing will be changed in the above-mentioned streets. In Unterdorfstraße, it will then be possible to drive in the direction out of town and in Wöllnitzer Oberweg, it will be possible to drive in the direction into town. Cyclists will be able to ride in Wöllnitzer Oberweg in the opposite direction of the one-way street. Signs will be erected at the start of the construction work to raise awareness among road users.

Wenigenjenaer Ufer

  • Type: Full closure
  • Location: Height of house number 17 b to junction with Tümplingstraße
  • Duration: until 30.09.2022
  • Reason: Renewal of the combined sewer
  • Details: The construction work will be divided into 2 construction phases. A detour will be signposted.
    • 2nd construction phase: House number 15-17 b
    • 1st construction phase: Tümplingstraße to height of house number 15


  • Type: Temporary closure
  • Location: junction Am Anger up to height Wiesencenter
  • Duration: until 16.09.2022
  • Reason: Civil engineering works
  • Details: The motorized individual traffic is also affected. At the intersection Am Anger / Lutherplatz there will be a left turn prohibition. Road users who want to turn left from the direction of Am Eisenbahndamm via Am Anger to Lutherplatz and continue in the direction of Fürstengraben will not be able to do so during the above-mentioned period. The reason for this is the removal of one lane. It will only be possible to turn straight ahead, continue in the direction of Am Anger or turn left in the direction of Wiesenstraße. Furthermore, a left turn lane from Wiesenstraße in the direction of Am Anger will be converted into a straight ahead/right turn lane. This is necessary because the construction company directly next to it needs construction space in order to carry out civil engineering work.

Ziegenhainer Straße

  • Type: Full closure
  • Location: Height of house number 7a
  • Duration: until 31.12.2022
  • Reason: New house construction
  • Details: Adjacent properties in the direction of Burgweg can be reached via this road. The area can be passed on foot.

Unterm Sande (Maua)

  • Type: Full closure
  • Place: Height house number 36
  • Duration: 12.09.2022 until 23.09.2022
  • Reason: Civil engineering works
  • Details:Traffic will be diverted via the street Im Semmicht.

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