Construction sites

Here you can find the current road works and traffic obstacles. The list is updated continuously. Unless otherwise indicated, bicyclists and passers-by will pass the construction sites.

Status: 04.02.2022

Calibration Square

  • Type: Partial closure
  • Duration: on 07.02.2022, 17.00 - 22.00 clock
  • Reason: Rally

Kahlaische Straße in front of traffic circle

  • Type: half-sided closure
  • Duration: on 10.02.2022
  • Reason: execution of a pipeline grouting

Kunitzer Straße -Jenzigweg underpass

  • Type: full closure
  • Duration: until 04.03.2022
  • Reason: Relocation of supply lines
  • Details: Detour is signposted

Schützenhofstrasse 74 - 78

  • Type: Half-sided closure
  • Duration: until 01.07.2022
  • Reason: Construction site installation for a residential block

Full closure of Naumburger / Altenburger Straße

  • Work on the district heating pipes has been completed.

"Bridge in front of the Neutor"

  • Type: Full closure
  • Duration: until 30.04.2022
  • Reason: New construction of the bridge
  • Traffic will be diverted as follows
    • out of town via Erbertstraße-Ernst-Haeckel-Straße
    • towards the city center viaErnst-Haeckel-Straße- Schillerstrasse- pond ditch
  • Details: From 17.01.2022 the ramp leading to Paradies will be fully closed -.Pedestrians and cyclists using this access route will be guided past using detour signs.


  • Type: Half-sided closure
  • Location: House number 34
  • Duration: until 12.07.2022
  • Reason: Construction site equipment for the reconstruction of the adjacent school
  • Details: For the encounter traffic with vehicles in the roadway area a waiting obligation is ordered.

Dornburger Street

  • Type: Full closure
  • Location: from the junction with Schützenhofstraße to the junction with An der Eule
  • Duration: until 30.06.2022
  • Reason: Civil engineering works
  • Details: The current closure area extends from Dornburger Straße 105 -135. A detour will be posted.

Emil-Wölk-Straße (bus stop)

  • Type: Half-sided closure
  • Place: Karl-Marx-Allee height Emil-Wölk-Straße (direction traffic circle)
  • Duration: until 31.03.2022
  • Reason: New construction of bus stop
  • Details: Traffic will be diverted via Stauffenbergstraße.


  • Type: Full closure
  • Duration: until 25.02.2022
  • Reason: Renovation of the KiTa "Dornröschen
  • Details: Passers-by can pass.


  • Type: Full closure
  • Location: between Nonneplan and Löbderstraße
  • Duration: until 30.04.2022
  • Reason: Civil engineering works
  • Details: A detour will be signposted. In this context, a search excavation will also be carried out on the Eichplatz next to the Neue Mitte.
  • Attention: Until 04.02.2022, the closure will be partially lifted, so that a safe passage is guaranteed again.

Kunitzer Street

  • Type: Full closure
  • Place: Tunnel
  • Duration: until 04.03.2022
  • Reason: Development of the new residential area "Baumaßnahme Erlenhöfe" with supply lines
  • Details: Pedestrians and cyclists using this access route will be guided past by means of detour signs.

Jena North

  • Type: Full closure
  • Duration: 31.01. - 11.03.2022
  • Details: In the mentioned period there will be 3 traffic restrictions at the following locations.
  1. In the Rautal, at the level of the drinking water tank, there will be a full closure. A detour will be signposted.
  2. Furthermore, the sidewalk area in Closewitzer Straße will be fully closed due to construction work. In order to guide pedestrians safely past, an emergency pedestrian path will be set up on the road.
  3. At the same time, a half-lane closure will be installed in Ottogerd-Mühlmann-Strasse and the adjacent sidewalk bridge will be fully closed. Here, too, an emergency pedestrian path will be installed and a pedestrian detour will be posted.


  • Type: Full closure
  • Location: House number 20 to the Lichtenhainer bridge
  • Duration: until 18.02.2022
  • Reason: Work on the high-pressure gas pipeline
  • Details: The indoor running track and adjacent sports fields can be accessed. Access in the direction of Lichtenhainer Brücke is not possible. An appropriate detour for pedestrians and cyclists is signposted.
  • At this point, we would like to clearly point out that the displacement or removal of traffic signs and traffic facilities constitutes a dangerous interference with road traffic. The above-mentioned area will be controlled. Traffic signs (e.g. detour signs) are for orientation purposes and must remain in place.

from Hnr. 14 to junction Am Eisenbahndamm

  • Type: full closure
  • Duration:18.02.- 24.02.2022
  • Reason: Civil engineering works
  • Details:The full closure can be bypassed via the adjacent road network.

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